Prisoner is I

Life is so strange Full of craze I thought it may be forgetful You proved it may be magical Love is unforgiving Prisoner is I Drifting in the sunshine Apricots and wine You and I Ever be my Love is unforgiving Prisoner is I Too many times I tried to hide Oh, love from thy But you let that chime Love is unforgiving Prisoner is I Full of peace

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All for You

People have secrets My secret is you Every poet has a story My story is you God gives gifts He gave me you Love is power My power is you Dreams are beautiful Beautiful is you Worldly desires My desire is you People seek love I seek you Words are few To describe you Magic is now Thanks to you Oh, mother Oh, father I love you All this is for you.

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I You

I be the man You be the girl I flip the pan You swing the curl You carry love I carry heart Beautiful dove Leads our cart 14 years Wonderful marriage You serve the platter I lead the carriage Lost in thoughts Don’t worry a lot I earn the notes You prepare the cot I may be weird But I’ll keep you cheered I may be ugly But I’ll keep you cuddly You say I flirt

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It's You

It’s you Stuck in the cue Dreaming about things Fresh and new Will you get ahead Removing things Relishing memories Out of your head? This obsession Taking your possession Will they believe You deserved a mention? It gets harder Know not why Will they remember The magical time? It’s you As always Stuck in the cue Gloomy days They return.

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The world is obsession Obsession is you Your obsession They shall remember Leave a legacy They shall remember Live a life You will remember Higher dreams Stronger wings Hidden albatross Determined to succeed Life is a race Many a paths Keep the pace Choose your paths Your obsession You will achieve Your passion You will succeed Down the valley Up the hill You choose your way Up to the hill MTFBY.

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First Time

The first time I saw you You had my sight Withheld by might And then you smile That first time I wondered why If anytime Will you talk? Will you walk? Beside me For first time The chain of Attraction Losing our Traction Were you Mine? That first time You wipe my Tears Forgiving my fears I ain’t feeble It’s just the past And you understood That first time Walking the dangers

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You are the one Oh, the reason for smile Love in the Californian drive The soul of my emptiness You are the one Yeah, you are the one You bring me to life Hope in the darkness For let the sunshine Remove the clouds Uplifting my soul You are the one Yeah, you are the one Counting the stars Those silly nights The petty fights The empty minds You are the one

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