Google Code-in 2017 results were anounced on 31 January 2018. And I was chosen one of the finalists for Drupal! Congrats to all other winners.

The results can be viewed here:

I know this post is coming a bit late because of my grade 11 exams. I wrote this post as soon as I got a break from studies.

This was the first time that I participated in Google Code-in. The main reason for this was that I never knew about this event. This time my friend told me about GCI 2017 and told about his experience in GCI 2016, this persuaded me to participate in GCI 2017.

Tasks Completed

I completed a total of 20 tasks in Google Code-in 2017. Here is a list of the tasks:

Tasks completed for Drupal:

Tasks completed for Sustainable Computing Research Group (SCoRe):

  1. [Git] Getting started with Git
  2. [NodeCloud] Fork NodeCloud

Task completed for MetaBrainz Foundation:

  1. Add a new Artist with social media links to MusicBrainz

Thank you

All the mentors I communicated with were really helpful in this competition. Some mentors are now my friends and are in touch with me regularly. The open source community was again very helpful, the way the community reponded to my queries on IRC was amazing. Special thanks to mentors from Drupal who chose me as a deserving finalist for Drupal.

Thanks to Mr. Prabhuji Gupta for motivating my participation in this competition, Our Pro-Vice Chair Person Mrs. R. Mann, Headmaster Mr. Rajeev Singh and Director Mrs. Sudesh Singh for always being supportive. My school undertakes a lot of initiatives to encourage student participation in such competitions.


I received invaluable experience amongst all in Google Code-in. Other than that I received some good looking prizes from Google and certificate.

I received a Google hoodie, a Google t-shirt, a GCI sticker, an e-certificate, an e-letter from Google.

Google Code-in 2017 Prizes Hoodie and T-Shirt

Looking Ahead

I am now looking ahead to win Google Code-in 2018 and then be a mentor for Drupal from 2019 onwards.

I hope my juniors will be inspired from this yet another achievement of mine and try to achieve higher rungs than me.